My Maternal 8th. Great Grandfather, Sir Allan Maclean, 3rd Baronet of Morvern

Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland
Birth: 1645 in Isle of Mull, Argyllshire, Scotland
Married: 1660 in Duart, Isle of Mull, Scotland to Juliana “Julia” Giles MacLeod
Died: 1674 in Isle of Mull, Argyllshire, Scotland


“Sir Lachlan Maclean was married to Mary MacLeod, the second daughter of Sir Roderick Macleod of Macleod, 15th Chief, by whom he had two sons and three daughters: 1. Isabella Maclean (c1630-?), who married Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel (1629–1719) 2. Mary Maclean, who married Lachlan MacKinnon 3. Marian Maclean, who died young and unmarried 4. Sir Hector Maclean, 2nd Baronet (c1640-1651), his heir and successor 5. Sir Allan Maclean, 3rd Baronet (1645-1674)”,_1st_Baronet Modified: 17 September 2016, by Catherine

Sir Allan Maclean, 3rd Baronet of Morvern (1645-1674) was the 19th Clan Chief of Clan Maclean from 1651 to 1674. He married then had as his son: Sir John Maclean, 4th Baronet.


He was born in 1645 and became chief at age six by the death of his brother Sir Hector Maclean, 2nd Baronet in 1651. During his minority, the estates were managed by his legal guardians, both uncles: Donald Maclean, 1st Laird of Brolas and Hector MacLean of Lochbuy. The guardians paid off a portion of Duke of Argyle’s claims; but the latter, learning that the late chief had contracted some debts in fitting out his clan for service during the late campaign, prevailed upon the creditors to dispose of their claims. Possessing himself of these debts, Argyle was enabled to augment his claims considerably; but finding, after the battle of Worcester, there was a likelihood of a pecuniary reward for those who adhered to Cromwell’s government, left his persecution of the house of MacLean, to be pursued at some future time, and turned his attention to the prospective grant. Cromwell entered into negotiations with Argyle to bring about the submission of Scotland, and for a consideration of £12,000 the latter agreed to do all within his power for the subjection of his native country. This was one of the charges against him on his trial. He died in 1674. source: Wikipedia)


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