My Maternal 14th. Great Grandfather, Hector Odhar Maclean, 9th. Chief of Clan Maclean


Isle of Mull, Argyl and Bute, Scotland

Hector Odhar Maclean, 9th. Chief of Maclean Clan. Father of Lachlan Maclean, 10th. Chief of the Maclean Clan. 

Born: 1455 in Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland

Married: to Mackintosh in Scotland


The Battle of Flodden or Flodden Field, or occasionally Battle of Branxton (Brainston Moor), was part of a conflict between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland. The battle was fought in Branxton in the county of Northumberland in northern England on 9 September 1513, between an invading Scots army under King James IV and an English army commanded by the Earl of Surrey. It was a decisive English victory. In terms of troop numbers, it was the largest battle fought between the two Kingdoms. James IV was killed in the battle, becoming the last monarch from the island of Britain to suffer such a death.The Battle of Flodden. In September 1513, the largest battle (in number of troops) between England and Scotland took place. The battle took place in Northumberland, just outside the village of Branxton hence the alternative name for the battle, the Battle of Branxton.

Died: September 9, 1513 in the Battle of Flodden Field, Branxton, Northumberland, England.

Flodden_Memorial_Branxton, Northumberland, England



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