My Maternal 29th. Great Grandfather, Dugald Dubhghail, of Scone

Scone Palace, Scotland

Old Dugald, of Scone Dubhghail –

Gender: Male
Birth: circa 1050
Argyll, Taynuilt, Argyll and Bute, United Kingdom
Death: circa 1100 (42-58)
Perth, Perth and Kinross, Scotland, United Kingdom
Immediate Family: Son of Ferchar Abraruadih
Father of Raing (Raingee) –
Added by: Michael Steven Strong on August 5, 2009
Managed by: Levaughn Virgoe (Juell), Michael Steven Strong and David McLain


Note: There are possible 4 generations missing

Mocche Mache  (b. 985-1045)

Ceallie (b. before 1045)


Saund-hill Scannie


Scone Palace, Scotland2


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